Inclusive financing is a concept of financial services proposed by the United Nations in 2005, which means the public has equal access to responsible and sustainable financial services. Inclusive Finance aims to provide financial services and products to help low-income population, integrate the whole population into the economy system, and reorganize various financial services to meet their needs.

However, according to the World Bank Report, there are still 2 billion people in the world who do not have access to formal financial services, accounting for 38% of the world's adults. Another 73% of the poor could not have bank deposits because of the cost of opening an account, geographical restrictions, personal beliefs, and other difficulties. So, a third of the population in the world is still excluded from the formal financial system. The unbalanced development of finance can lead to the the polarization of wealth, and even social unrest.

The introduction of crypto network and decentralized finance provides possibilities for improving the operation mode of the financial system, which can eliminate the geographical limitations of the traditional financial system to the greatest extent and seek permission. However, we must admit that the whole cryptocurrency market is still in a relatively primary stage, and the DeFi finance is not suitable for everyone.

There are high requirements for ordinary people:

  1. They need a lot of professional knowledge and skills, including blockchain technology, transaction process and wallet creation, etc.

  2. The high volatility of the encryption market means that they need to spend a lot of time to track the trend and direction of the cryptocurrency market on a regular basis.

  3. On-chain transaction needs the higher gas fee and longer wait time, and the trading and transfer process are complex.

  4. There are numerous blockchain projects in the market, many of which are frauds and manipulations, so it is required that investors have a strong capability of investment.

These requirements limit the opportunity for ordinary people to enter the encryption market and participate in the DeFi, making the DeFi a luxury for a small minority group.

We believe that based on the diversity, operability and programmability of the DeFi ecosystem, we can develop and combine the DeFi products in the market like building LEGO blocks, create more innovative financial products, form a strong interoperability between them, and better interact with other financial agreements with open license.

The vision of MatrixETF is to conceive a financial world in which the acquisition of wealth is a passive and automated process. Anyone can make fortune through the Internet regardless of geography and infrastructure, and obtain an open and transparent investment portfolio and various investment strategies to quickly and easily participate in DeFi finance so as to obtain income and incentives, and jointly determine the direction of development through DAO community.

The future belongs to every MatrixETF participant.

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