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MDF is the governance token of MatrixETF. MDF holders can participate in community governance and make decisions of what kind of ETF products MatrixETF creates, as well as investment strategies and asset categories of ETFs, etc.

MDF is a token deployed on Ethereum and Solana blockchain network, and its maximum supply limit is 1,000,000,000 tokens.

ERC-20:  623,000,000 MDF
SPL:     377,000,000 MDF

MDF Contract Information:

Ethereum: 0x1a57367c6194199e5d9aea1ce027431682dfb411

Solana: ALQ9KMWjFmxVbew3vMkJj3ypbAKuorSgGst6svCHEe2z

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MDF Utility

MDF is the governance token of MatrixETF community, including the following usage scenarios and utilities:

  • Participate in the governance of MatrixETF (DAO community governance)

  • Buy ETF products/ETFs

  • Improve values by getting profits from different ETF portfolios

  • Participate in liquidity mining to gain returns

  • Staking mining

  • Ecological value-added

  • Buy-back and destruction

  • Discounts in handling fees and other fees

Matrix Index

Matrix Index is a cryptocurrency index fund designed to track quality tokens in blockchain industry and DeFi finance.The index fund is weighted based on the market value of each token. There is a basket of token assets of the fund, allows a greater diversification of risk and gains the better returns through diversified asset allocation of DeFi.

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