MatrixETF Community Ambassador Plan

As we know MatrixETF is the cross-chain enabled decentralized ETF platform, along with the process of development, we find the significance of community.

For incentivizing the positivity and creativity of the encrypted community, also bringing energy to the MatrixETF community, we promote this MatrixETF Community Ambassador to attract more and more crypto users to better understand and follow MatrixETF.

3 Main objectives of MatrixETF Community Ambassador Plan

  • Expand awareness globally of MatrixETF project and encrypted ETF

  • Establish an active and strong MatrixETF community in crypto network

  • Reward community members who have contributed to MatrixETF

Who can join it?

Everyone can take part in the MatrixETF community and have the chance to be a MatrixETF Community Ambassador. You can use your strength and capability to contribute in MatrixETF, also you can help our project big our community and promote the development of MatrixETF, in order to improve MatrixETF global influence.

We welcome more and more KOLs, Social Media and volunteers, come and join MatrixETF development. We believe that this plan will bring prosperity and energy to MatrixETF community. Meanwhile capable users can have the opportunity to prove themselves and realize their own life values through this meaningful journey.

Community Ambassador Responsibility

MatrixETF is a cross-chain enabled decentralized ETF platform. The reason why we promote Community Ambassador Plan is we wish to improve the usage rate and attention of MatrixETF, as well as attract more encrypted users to understand MatrixETF and ETF products by social media, in order to realize various asset portfolios.

Community Ambassadors, you can make a contribution to MatrixETF by the methods below:

  • Interact with social media and encrypted community

  • Publicize MatrixETF by contents and social media

  • Create MatrixETF relevant content including but not limited to articles, videos, tweets, Memes etc.

  • Translate documents, articles and social media contents to your regional language

  • Establish and develop MatrixETF different regional community

  • Guide new community members, answer their problems, manager our Telegram group & Discord to support community

  • Organize online meeting, AMA or other activities for local community

  • Expand MatrixETF influence and community user base

  • Coordinate, connect and communicate with qualified projects

  • Test new functions on MatrixETF

  • Provide MatrixETF code and feedbacks/suggestions

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