MDF Governance

MDF token is the key to community governance of MatrixETF. MDF holders can participate in community governance and decision-making, including what kind of ETF investment products MatrixETF creates, investment strategies and asset classes of ETF funds, and improve the development direction of ETF and MatrixETF ecosystem. MDF enables holders to control their finance.

All decisions of protocols on MatrixETF are made by MDF holders. Users who hold MDF are the administrators of the system, and have the right to participate in the governance of the platform. MDF holders and applications based on MDF will continuously and automatically gain governance rights.

In the MatrixETF ecosystem, any administrator who meets the rules set by the system can initiate a proposal, and then vote to decide whether the proposal is passed and implemented. All MDF holders can initiate a proposal, which is reviewed by MatrixETF foundation or super nodes. After the proposal is approved, the community will vote publicly. All MDF holders can participate in the voting. The contents of the new proposal include important ecological components (including interest rate, introduction of new assets, handling fees, etc.), major ecological development plans, etc.

As a decentralized DeFi platform, in order to make the project launch and operate as soon as possible, MatrixETF foundation will take the responsibility of community autonomy in the early stage, and then the community will take all decisions through the allocation of governance token.

As the platform completes the layout of ecology and runs in a decentralized way, the community will be responsible for the management of the platform and protocols. MDF holders can offer proposals to MDF protocol, or vote on the proposal, so that the "user" of the project is infinitely close to the "owner" of the project, further promoting the realization of decentralized governance, and solving the problems of blockchain governance: effective incentives and consensus.

Thus, MDF holders are responsible for all decisions about MatrixETF to achieve complete decentralized community governance.

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