MatrixETF Set

MatrixETF Set is the ETF-DeFi protocol on MatrixETF platform. Through this agreement, users can create a cryptocurrency ETF. It can be operated with tools provided by the platform (including DEX transaction, lending, Farming, governance, insurance, and various strategies, etc.) to attract other users to purchase/mint, and get a commission and other benefits.

MatrixETF Set aims to be the most trusted, secure and full-featured asset management infrastructure for users. It can provide investment portfolio and trading services for asset issuers/KOL, asset managers and individuals.

With MatrixETF Set protocol, you can:

  • Create an ETF portfolio: you can deploy a token on the platform without permission - an ERC20/SPL Token, which represents a tradable digital asset basket with smart contracts.

  • Receive capital injection: users can mint Set in a variety of ways, including basic issue (by their own tokens) and NAV issue (mint with a single token).

  • Trade: integrating with Uniswap, Sushiswap, and 0x allows Set to adjust Set allocation.

  • Manage fees: Set creators can participate in fees management based on usage, such as fund management fee, handling fee, etc.

  • Participate in protocol governance: use the token in the collection to vote on the protocol to participate in community governance.

  • Participate in lending: get interests in the lending market, such as lending on AAVE and Compound.

  • Participate in Farming: input liquidity pools (such as Uniswap/Sushiswap/Curve) to get interests from Sets.

  • Trade with strategics: quantitative trading and portfolio investment by various trading strategies provided by the platform.

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