Ambassador FAQ

1.How to contribute to MatrixETF for Ambassador Plan?

You can make your contributions for MatrixETF in various ways(more than 17 tasks type) and get rewards.

Task Sheet:

2.How to submit my proof of work?

For submitting your proof of work, please follow the below steps.

  1. Download/make a copy of the Task Sheets and record you works, then submit to us by the form.

  2. Record you works in your own methods and submit to us by form.(Recommend if you have many proofs of work)

  3. The review day is each Sunday, after UTC+ 12:00, so if you want to submit your work, before the time is perfect.

  4. If you couldn't submit your work by form, please resubmit it by mail.

Task Sheet:

Submit form:




Submit Email: [email protected]

3.How to be a MatrixETF Community Ambassador?

check this article for reference:

New #ambassador applications has been suspended since last week (2/21/2022).

check this link for reference:

4.Are we to submit the work daily or weekly?


5.What's the deadline for submitting our proof of work?

Our review day is each Sunday, after UTC+ 12:00, so if you want to submit your work, before the time is perfect.

After that time, your work will be counted together with new week.

Also, when submitting your proof of work, please approve the access to open it, otherwise your work maybe not been counted timely.

6.When my proof of work will be counted?

Normally every Monday to Tuesday, it will be announced by Twitter Post after counting.

You can check Points Rank Sheet to see whether you get the points or not.

7.How to become MatrixETF official ambassador?

Only if you finish the tasks work and gain 500 points, you will become one of MatrixETF Community Ambassadors.

8.Where can I find my Points and level?

Community Ambassador Points Rank:

9.How can I exchange my points to MDF?

Only if you have 500 Points, you can submit your inquiry for exchange to MDF weekly.

Exchange Form:




Your apply will be solved in 3-5 Work days.

10.What's the exchange ration of Point and MDF?

To incentivize community ambassadors to gain points and levels from working proofs, the higher level means you will be awarded with more rewards. We have decided to provide users with a more competitive rewarding system by combining Level Improvement and Ratio Exchange.

Want to know more information, please check this article for reference:

《MatrixETF Community Ambassador Point,Level & Ratio Announcement》

11.Is there any other rewards, except for Points?

Yes. If you have 500 Points, you can get a "MatrixETF Army I" NFT Badge, once you have this Badge, you can have another 100 MDF Rewards Monthly.

12.Why is my Point score lower than expected?

We recommend more meaningful and original content, you’d better have your own idea and opinion, rather than simply copy our white paper/article/announcement contents.

Quantity is not equal to Quality. The more you created low qualified contents, won’t bring you with higher scores, instead you will probably degrade your level.

Once again we mention our selection standard, based on the previous standard, we will focus more on the points as below:

  • Focus on the quality of your posts, high qualified posts will help to gain higher scores

  • Interesting contents will more easy to share in the community

  • We hope you can expand your community relationship, build strong dynamic communities and increase your social media followers

  • Improve your aesthetic ability and comprehension on crypto market, create more encrypted favorable contents

  • Contents for improving MatrixETF product’s utility and adoption

check below article for more information:

The Third Week Evaluation Standard of MatrixETF Community Ambassador Plan

13. Is there any quantity suggested for Ambassador work?

  • Twitter: less than 3 Tweets daily, better with 10 Tweets weekly

  • MEME/Design: less than 2 posts daily, no more than 5 posts weekly

  • Article: better with 1 articles in a week

  • Video: better with 1 videos in a week

  • Translated Article: better with 1 articles in a week

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